Two Months Old

December 8, 2016

Part 1


It has been a full month since posting my first month experiences of being a new Mom…and in one month, a lot has changed! I’m easing into the “Mom role” a little more each day. I am much more relaxed when handling the simple, everyday tasks that prove to be—well, not so simple! For example:


Leaving the house. What you’d think might be a one-and-done decision turns into a barrage of questions. How do I most effectively transport this little human? Do I bring the stroller? Do I drive or walk? Basinet, carrier, or car seat? And that just covers what to put him in—then I have to decide what to bring. After many trial runs, I now know that it’s not necessary to pack thirteen extra sets of clothes and diapers. Just stick to the basics—and if all hell breaks loose, that’s the cue to go home!


Answering the phone. I work from home and I get a lot of calls during the day. Nothing shouts “I’m super distracted and probably don’t have time for your business” than a crying baby in the background. I’ve learned it’s best to let the phone ring when Hudson is upset, and return the call later when he’s napping or happy.


To add to the craziness of being new parents, Kevin and I decided to celebrate our friend’s birthday in Las Vegas. My Mom and sister volunteered to take Hudson while we were away. I dropped him off on Thursday night, and by Friday morning, the reality of his absence had sunk in. I cried all the way home, plus half of my dinner date with Kevin. Yep, that’s right. Kevin made reservations at Annalena in Vancouver and I was crying awkwardly at the table. People were definitely looking. They probably thought Kevin was breaking up with me! I was warned how hard it would be to leave Hudson for the first time—and they were right! As for Hudson, he had no issues at all. That is, until we got home and took him for his two month vaccinations. I actually didn’t realize how many he would get—two shots in the leg and one oral. The needles are quite long because they need to be injected into the muscle. Needless to say, we were all hurting—Kevin and I from drinking two days straight in the city of sin, and Hudson from being poked.



Part 2






Breastfeeding has finally become comfortable and enjoyable. It wasn’t until Hudson was 5 weeks old that it didn’t hurt—and when I say “hurt” I mean it felt like he had my nips in a vice and had lit them on fire. Now that his mouth is bigger and can hold more of my breast, it feels 1000x better. Plus, he knows he doesn’t have to suck like life depends on it to receive any milk. I’m also more comfortable breastfeeding in public with a cover. The first few times doing this was a nightmare! Trying to get him to latch with a shirt and breastfeeding cover on was so hard, that I broke out in a drenching sweat. Remembering to wear something breastfeeding-friendly was a hard lesson to learn. I’m to the point where if I let a nip slip, I don’t care. I’m trying my best to handle a squirmy infant in a bunch of clothes—and I dare anyone to say anything about it!


I tested formula on Hudson this month to see if he would even drink it. When I gave him the bottle, he sucked once and then stared at me with the biggest frown. The disgust on his face looked as if I had just fed him something from the compost. In the end though, he did drink it. Some of you may think I’m crazy for feeding my two month old formula so early; but I know now that if I’m not around and he needs to eat, he will not starve (and I can go out with the ladies).


Postpartum Depression


I talk about this a lot because it’s something I’m genuinely concerned about it. I had a bout of anxiety the other day and knew it was irrational. Since I’m aware of the postpartum depression, I am able to stay in tune with my emotions, and talk myself out of any slumps I experience. I’m also taking vitamin D, prenatal, iron, and staying healthy by exercising. I’ve read that postpartum can occur after you stop breastfeeding, so I may breastfeed until he’s in Kindergarten. JUST JOKING!




Still not sure what that is.


His Body


This kid is growing like a weed. At his second month checkup he was 14.3lbs and 24.8 inches long. He is over the 97th percentile for length. He outgrows his clothing so fast, and no longer fits in his bassinet. Whoever said kids grow up fast was right— but Hudson is growing fast AND large.


So there you have it—a very compressed version of Hudson’s second month. Feel free to comment below on the everyday things that became more difficult for you after having your baby.

He has also found his thumb and can be heard sucking it.



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