October 25, 2016

I live in Vancouver, B.C. in the downtown neighbourhood of Yaletown. Square footage is something we do not take for granted here! When Kevin and I found out we were expecting we had to figure out where to put a baby in our 740 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment. Moving wasn’t an option with the sky-high real estate prices, in addition to new government policies about to take effect. In the end, we thought it best to wait and see how the housing market progressed. Like many other young couples in Yaletown, we had to make room for Baby. In my building alone, we have 17 new mothers (we have our own Facebook Group Chat) who live in one-bedroom apartments! Luckily, our apartment has a solarium/den that could house Baby for the first year or so, until we upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment down the road.

As you know, solariums are all glass—so we had to buy window coverings that would block both the light and outside temperature. We opted for “day and night” cellular blinds that block light and trap any heat or cold draft. This helps to keep the room at a moderate temperature. With the blinds, the solarium feels more like a room.


In this picture the blinds are rolled up to allow daylight in, but they can also change to be completely blacked-out.

dsc_5136 dsc_5138

Print is by Ane Wall Decor who makes beautiful wallpaper and prints. Check them out! I had this print framed in a thin, gold metal frame with acrylic glazing by Framagraphic on Broadway Street.


I call this my “breastfeeding station.” I absolutely love my rocking chair. Many hours of snuggles have already happened here.

If you’re in the same boat as us, do not worry! With a little imagination and effort, you can make room for a new baby. When they’re little they don’t take up much space, and don’t need many things. Keep it simple and minimalist. You already have enough to worry about with a newborn.



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