Four Months Old

February 8, 2017

First off, where did the time go? These last couple months have flown by, and I think it’s because Hudson and I are starting to get in our own rhythm/routine. I’m able to read his cues a lot easier now, so it’s easy to attend to his needs.



Month Four is a huge milestone, and you can really see it in his development. Seeing Hudson coo, laugh, giggle and start to recognize certain people is really fun. Even when he brings a toy or teether up to his mouth, it is super exciting to see. I’m pretty sure Hudson is teething right now or at least starting to teethe because the amount of droll pooling in those cheeks and falling from his mouth has to be a world record. We probably go through at least 5 bandana/bibs each day.



Hudson also has the “grab and pull” motor skill down. I know this because it’s always my hair. I now understand why new moms get that “mom haircut.” It’s not just because all your hair falls out after giving birth, but it’s also because your child will likely scalp you before he turns 5 months. New Moms believe in having short hair than no hair at all. However I’m braving it! I may look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings in the next month or two, but I didn’t surrender!

Trying to get a photo without him grabbing onto his bandana-bib, but sometimes the candid photos are the best. <3







We had his 4 month check-up at the doctor and he’s still in the 98th percentile for height. I’m hoping this pattern doesn’t continue when he’s older. I’m not sure it’s easy to discipline a 10 year old who is taller than you. I’m just imagining him picking me up by the back of my shirt while I helplessly swing my arms to get me down. “Hudson stop! No, no! Don’t put me on the roof! You know how much I hate heights!”



My Career


Work has been picking up for me and that means I need to be very organized. Leaving the house takes about 5x as long with children than without, so I’ve had to excuse myself to clients about being late and/or apologizing for a cranky baby in tow. However, I’m proud to say I’m doing it and doing it fairly well. There are times I feel overwhelmed and stressed, but I’ve been able to reach out for help. However, I’m still unsure what I will do with Hudson during the peak summer season, but I will cross that bridge when it comes.




Postpartum Depression


­I had a pretty hard time back in December and knew it was postpartum. I had a hard time getting motivated and really didn’t want to do much. I felt my head was in a fog and I wasn’t sure if I was adapting to this new life very well. There was one night I was really feeling low, but I forced myself to get dressed and go for a run outside. It wasn’t far (3km) but it helped so much. The endorphins were helping me feel better and feel more energized. From that day, I told myself that if I wanted to be the best Mom for Hudson, then I needed to look after my health. Exercise gives me more energy which, in turn, gives Hudson a happier and less lethargic mom.


So, I think that’s about it! Looking forward to what’s in store in the next couple months.

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